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719 Newburgh Rd
Hermon, Maine 04402

Welcome to Siberia Farms!
To order our products please click on "Online Store". To find out more information about Siberia Farms please click on "About Us". If you have any questions, please call (207) 478-7360!

Ed and Suzanne Moreshead started Siberia Farms in 2001. We started the farm as a way to provide wholesome, healthy food for our family that was grown with environmentally-friendly practices. We have since grown into a small, diversified family farm.  We have grass-fed beef and dairy cows, pastured pork and chickens for both eggs and meat

All of our animals free-range over large pasture land. While ample shelter from the weather is provided, we never keep animals enclosed. We are very careful to provide our animals feed that is natural to their digestive systems. Instead, of relying on diets based on corn or grain, which many animal’s digestive tracts were not designed to consume, we provide high quality grasses and hay

We are making every effort to be completely self-sufficient.  From processing our own milk to maintaining and rotating pastureland and growing and bailing the hay that our animals eat over the winter, we are better able to control both the quality and cost of our products

We are very proud of our farm and how we raise our animals. It is with our sincere pleasure that we are able to provide our customers the same wholesome food that we feed to our family.  

Introducing the return of home milk delivery
to the Greater Bangor area.

Siberia Farms is starting home delivery of our dairy and meat products.  Here's how it works.  We work with you to come up with a standing weekly order.  On your delivery day you leave your provided cooler on your door step, and your order will be left in the cooler for you.  You have the ability to change the products that we deliver up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time.  There are no contracts and you can always suspend your service if you are out of town.  Call us for more details.  
(207) 478-7360

You can also find our products at our "farm store", on the farm, at the corner of the Bog Road and the Newburg Road in Hermon.

Our Products can also be found at the following stores:

The Belfast CO-OP in downtown Belfast

The Natural Living Center, Stillwater Ave. in Bangor

Fossa's General Store in Dexter

The Corinth Creamery on Main Street in Corinth

Year round at The Buck Street European Farmers Market at Sunnyside Greenhouse on Saturday mornings

Summer farmers markets;

Ohio Street Grange, Wednesday afternoons.

Brewer Auditorium parking lot, Saturday mornings.

Hermon at Greenscapes on Rt 2, Thursday afternoons.

Siberia Farms is featured on the American Micro Dairies web page!

Siberia Farms in The Bangor Daily News!

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